Customized Solutions

Tailoring client solutions

Planned through partnership and implemented with intention, Aegon AM’s customized solutions are designed to help meet an institution’s unique investment requirements. Using skills and infrastructure refined over decades of managing insurance company assets, our team leverages the investment expertise of the fixed income platform to build solutions that include customized benchmarking, asset-liability management, and cashflow modeling. Our highly customized approach to searching for relative value along the yield curve is born from the strategy insurers use to match their complex liability stream.

It takes teamwork


We collaborate closely with the client, actuaries, investment consultants and other advisors to develop highly customized solutions suited for a client’s unique risk tolerances and constraints.


We combine the full complement of our fundamental, bottom-up research culture, our global top-down macro view process, and our risk management systems, to provide customized, multi-sector solutions.

Common elements of a customized investment solution

Regardless of the investor or the outcome they are looking to achieve, customized investment solutions generally integrate three common elements. 

Collaborative relationship

Each customized solution starts with a conversation. The relationship between clients, actuaries, advisors, consultants, investment committees, and Aegon AM's investment professionals is essential to developing and implementing a customized investment solution designed to help meet the unique needs of each investor. 

Multi-sector opportunity set

Aegon AM's customized investment solutions move beyond single-asset-class portfolios, expanding the opportunity set to include a more diverse array of investible assets.

Consistently applied, dynamic framework

Every customized investment solution is developed by following a consistent approach encompassing five core steps: assessment, analysis, strategy development, construction and servicing.