What We Offer

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Aegon Real Assets US’ fully-integrated Commercial Mortgage Loan (CML) group originates and manages CMLs for institutional investors. We offer market coverage nationwide with in-depth local experience.

Natural Resources Private Equity

Aegon Real Assets US' Natural Resources Private Equity platform offers investment opportunities in energy and timberland managed by a team of experts.

Agricultural Debt

Since 1995, Aegon Real Assets US’ Agricultural Debt group has been dedicated to the credit needs of the agricultural community. We offer sources of capital and understand that the key to success is understanding a business’ unique needs.

Support Services

Aegon Real Assets US offers its institutional clients a wide range of commercial real estate services including applied research, engineering/environmental, mortgage loan servicing and mortgage loan special servicing.

Real Estate Debt

Aegon Real Assets US' real estate debt platform includes an assortment of products including commercial mortgage loans, B-Notes and mezzanine financing.

Direct Real Estate / Asset Management

Aegon Real Assets US has overseen property operations for Aegon Asset Management and its affiliates' equity and investment properties throughout the US for over 25 years.


Aegon Real Assets US' Mortgage Loan Servicing group supports a diverse mortgage loan portfolio and has experience with whole loans, participations, co-lending and mezzanine loans.

Special Servicing

Aegon Real Assets US’ Special Servicing platform, rated by Standard & Poor's*, provides mortgage loan special servicing for CMBS and nonaffiliated investors.

Special Servicing for CMBS Investors

Aegon Real Assets US’ Special Servicing platform provides expertise in special servicing of commercial mortgage loans for CMBS investors.

Portfolio Special Servicing

Aegon Real Assets US’ Portfolio Special Servicing group manages conventional sub-performing and non-performing loan workout and foreclosure activities, along with a wide range of non-monetary loan-level and collateral-level issues.

Tax Credit Investing

Aegon Real Assets US’ Tax Credit Asset Management group has overseen a nationwide affordable housing portfolio for the firm's affiliated and nonaffiliated clients for more than 20 years.