Our Organization

Throughout the history of Aegon Real Assets, we have strived to provide our institutional clients with the strategic vision, market access, and exceptional service required to build portfolios that exceed their investment objectives. Critical in delivering exceptional performance is our integrated platform that contains a broad range of real assets expertise, including mortgage loan origination, servicing and special servicing, housing tax credits, real estate private equity, asset management, valuation and research.

Aegon Real Assets is a part of Aegon Asset Management, a leading global investment manager which serves as the asset management arm of its global financial services parent, Aegon Group N.V. based in The Hague, Netherlands.

 Aegon Asset Management

  • $395 billion in assets managed/advised by about 360 investment professionals in North America, Europe and Asia as of 12/31/19
  • Diverse investment offerings and global client base range from sophisticated customized solutions for institutional clients to pooled funds for retail investors
  • Specialist teams dedicated to providing high-quality investment solutions across asset classes
  • Commitment to excellence, trust and building long-term partnerships


Aegon Real Assets US

  • A primary investment center of Aegon Asset Management
  • $21.6 billion in assets under management/advisement as of 12/31/19 across an array of yield-oriented private debt and equity strategies
  • Total regulatory assets under management of $1.9 billion as of 12/31/19
  • A culture of creativity coupled with decades of experience structuring private real assets tailored to client preferences


Aegon Asset Management US

  • A primary investment center of Aegon Asset Management 
  • Total assets under management of $100.8 billion as of 12/31/19
  • Specializes in fixed income and customized investment solutions
  • Integrated investment team comprised of industry-focused global credit analysts and dedicated specialty research teams for areas such as distressed debt, structured finance and emerging markets debt

The following Aegon affiliates are collectively referred to herein as Aegon Asset Management: Aegon USA Investment Management, LLC (Aegon AM US), Aegon USA Realty Advisors, LLC (Aegon RA), Kames Capital plc (Kames), and Aegon Investment Management B.V. (AIM) (of which certain business is conducted under the 'TKP Investments B.V.' brand name). Each of these Aegon Asset Management entities is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aegon N.V.

The US$395 billion (€352 billion / £298 billion) assets under management described herein incorporates the entities within Aegon Asset Management as well as the following wholly or partially owned affiliates: Aegon Asset Management Asia LTD (AAM Asia), Aegon Asset Management Central and Eastern Europe (AAM CEE), Aegon Asset Management Pan-Europe BV (AAM PE), Aegon Asset Management Holding B.V., and Aegon Asset Management Spain along with joint-venture participations in Aegon Industrial Fund Management Co. LTD (AIFMD), La Banque Postale Asset Management SA (LBPAM), Pelargos Capital BV (Pelargos), and Saemor Capital BV (Saemor).

Mongeral Aegon Investimentos (Mongeral) is a Brazilian based joint venture that is partially owned by an Aegon Asset Management affiliate